Environmental Control for Documents, Art & Antiques

When storing documents, art and antiques, many environmental factors are taken into account for careful preservation. The environment is an antagonist of any physical collectible that must be preserved. The hazardous environmental conditions from dust, dirt, chemicals, gases, heat radiation, ambient temperature, fluctuating temperatures, sunlight, water, humidity, mold, pests, air pollutants, or certain metals. Read more

Server room environmental & security monitoring systems

Server Room Temperature: How Cold Should a Server Room Be?

Many people ask, how cold should a server room be? Of course, general recommendations from ASHRAE indicate server room temperature should be anywhere between 10°C (50°F) to 28°C (82°F). However, what most people do not know is that temperature of a data center or server room is not as critical as airflow and humidity monitoring.  Read more

Server room environmental & security monitoring systems

Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring: Temperature and Humidity Monitors

GreenhouseEnvironmental monitoring is essential for crops greenhouses. A few environmental factors are involved in providing crops and greenhouse plants with appropriate environmental conditions for healthy growth. Read more

Server room environmental & security monitoring systems

AC Control: Temperature and Airflow Monitoring Sensors

It’s hard to miss the feel of freezing temperatures and blasting airflow because of poor AC control in buildings– especially larger facilities like hospitals, restaurants, or usually chain businesses. There’s nothing more annoying in the summertime to go from hot and sweaty outside to needing a sweater when walking into freezing cold temperatures when you walk into a grocery store. Read more

Server room environmental & security monitoring systems

Summertime Data Room Monitoring: Part 2

Data Room MonitoringIn Summertime Data Room Monitoring Part One, I went over the advantages of Temperature, Humidity, and Water leak monitoring. This continuation of the saga will continue to focus on more ways to prevent the summer climate from damaging your data center while staying preventative in your defense. Read more

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Monitor Airflow Around Critical Computer Software System

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The Ravica Airflow Sensor is designed to monitor computer systems like data centers or server rooms  that generate heat in the course of their operation. A steady flow of air is necessary to dissipate this generated heat.  Computer system reliability and safety could be jeopardized if this cooling airflow stops.  Airflow Sensors monitor the circulation of air around critical equipment where a constant air-flow is required to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity status and reliable continual performance.

Airflow SensorThe Airflow Sensor is placed in the air stream path, allowing users to monitor the status of the flowing air.  This environmental monitoring device measures the presence or absence of airflow, then the sensorProbe environmental monitor displays the measurement using a graphical display via its web interface. Read more

Server Room Environment Moderated by Mother Nature

Recently, I saw a interesting post on Life Hacker about how to moderate PC temperature by going green.  It reminded me of a blog that I wrote a while back that talked about recycling expelled heat from the server room and using it to heat the office.   The Life Hacker blog post demonstrated a method of cooling an over-clocked PC with fresh air from outside.

Efficient Server Room

Although I think there are a few engineering flaws in the post, the green IT design and concept are stable.

Using natural resources to cool your server room is clearly the next logical step in making server rooms green. Read more

Virtually Unlimited Expandability for the SecurityProbe

The majority of Ravica customers are looking to monitor a small number of specific environmental conditions—sometimes that is monitoring the temperature and humidity in the server room or detecting water leaks in a second home, or monitoring airflow in the data center . For these applications, the BitSight2 and BitSight8 sensor probe models are great environmental monitoring solutions at an affordable price. However, there are times when a customer has a need to monitor many, many more conditions and input devices. For these customers, I’d like to cover the expandable features of the newest securityProbe model. Read more

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Are you Optimizing Your Environmental Monitoring System?

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Here on the Ravica Blog, we talk a lot about temperature and humidity monitoring in data centers, but did you know Warning signthat you can use the same Sensor Probes to create a centralized monitoring system that can provide information on almost any environmental condition?  The following is a run-down of some of the other Ravica intelligent sensors that are available.  All the sensors are plug & play, SNMP-enabled and easily integrated into the environmental monitoring system of your dreams. Read more

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Complete Environment Monitoring

A soup to nuts environmental monitoring solution includes more than just temperature readings, humidity monitoring and smoke detection. If electronic equipment is in the area such as server rooms, data centers or computer rooms, it is often a good idea to monitor for other environmental conditions:

  • Monitoring for water leaks
  • Voltage monitoring for electrical brownouts or complete electrical loss
  • Motion detection and automated photo delivery
  • Airflow monitoring

Read more

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