Data Room Temperature and Data Room Environmental Monitoring

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Google says that when it comes to data room temperature we can raise the temperature to 80 degrees!

Most data rooms are kept between 68-72.  Did you know that data center managers could save 4 percent in energy costs for every degree of upward change in the set point? This is according to Mark Monroe of Sun Microsystems.

Data Room Airflow
The data center airflow must also better be kept in check.  Many IT centers have air conditioners for data center and server rooms but, what about the cabinet temperature of each rack?

air flow monitoring

A single humidity sensor can provide decent ambient temperature for the entire room.  The same is not true for temperature and especially not airflow. Placing a temperature and air flow sensor in each computer cabinet will help ensure proper data cabinet ventilation.

With proper airflow design, air moves evenly through the data center.  If you are using our data center or server room security solution, you can consider adding a few cameras as well.

server room temperature

If you have questions or would like a demonstration, contact our data center/ server room and environmental monitoring  specialists.


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